2019 Beyond Annual Lecture with Jennifer Doudna

The 2019 Beyond Annual Lecture will take place, Tuesday, March 19th. More information to come!

Guest Lecturer: Jennifer Doudna

"A pioneer who is simplifying genome editing"

Time: 7:00PM

Where: ASU Tempe campus| Click HERE for a map of ASU.

Title: "The Future of Gene Editing: The Sweeping Implications of CRISPR Biology"

Abstract: Our technological capacity to make changes to genomic data has expanded exponentially since the 2012 discovery of CRISPR-Cas9 as an RNA-programmable genome editing tool. Over the past seven years, this genome editing platform has been used to revolutionize research, develop new agricultural crops, and even promises to cure genetic diseases. However, ethical and societal concerns abound, requiring a thoughtful and ongoing discussion among scientists and stakeholder groups. 

Jennifer Doudna has devoted her scientific career to understanding the function of catalytic and other non-protein-coding RNAs. Using structural biology and biochemistry, Doudna's work deciphering the molecular structures and biochemical activities of RNA enzymes (ribozymes) and other functional RNAs, along with their protein-binding partners, has shown how these molecules carry out complex activities in cells. Dr. Doudna is a member of the departments of Molecular and Cell Biology and Chemistry at UC Berkeley, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, along with the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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