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The Beyond Center periodically hosts special seminars along with our monthly seminar series, Coffee @ Beyond

Coffee @ Beyond takes place on the last Monday of the Month, at 3:00pm in Classroom 240 in ISTB4, ASU Tempe Campus. These interdisiplanary seminars are intended to push the conceptual boundaries and feature experts in their fields of study. Come for coffee, tea, cookies and a great talk!


Spring 2019 Seminars: 

January 28th - Ted Pavlic, Beyond Gilding Refined Gold: Does Biological Computation Compute?

February 25th - Frank Wilczek, "TBD"

March 25th - Betul Kacar, "TBD"

April 29th - Athena Aktipis, "TBD"



Spring 2018 Seminars: 

January 29th: Nicole Halpern, "Quantum information and the brain"

February 26th: Michael Lynch, "Evolution is not simply natural selection"

March 26th: George Ellis, "The difference between physics and biology: The key role of biomolecules"

April 30th: Curtis Marean, "How humans conquered the planet"

Fall 2018 Seminars: 

August 27th: Chris Adami, "Hidden information in biology and how to find it"

September 24th: Stephanie Forrest, "Evolution vs. intelligent design in software"

October 29th: Simon Garnier, "Not so smart after all: How to solve problems with no neurons and too many brains"

November 26th: Paul Davies, "Is the universe a fake?"