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The Beyond Center periodically hosts special seminars along with our monthly seminar series, Coffee @ Beyond

Coffee @ Beyond takes place on the last Monday of the Month, at 3:00pm in the Biodesign Auditorium. These interdisiplanary seminars are intended to push the conceptual boundaries and feature experts in their fields of study. Come for coffee, tea, cookies and a great talk!


Spring 2019 Seminars: 

January 28th

February 25th

March 25th

April 29th 



Spring 2018 Seminars: 

January 29th: Nicole Halpern, "Quantum information and the brain"

February 26th: Michael Lynch, "Evolution is not simply natural selection"

March 26th: George Ellis, "The difference between physics and biology: The key role of biomolecules"

April 30th: Curtis Marean, "How humans conquered the planet"

Fall 2018 Seminars: 

August 27th: Chris Adami, "Hidden information in biology and how to find it"

September 24th: Stephanie Forrest, "Evolution vs. intelligent design in software"

October 29th: Simon Garnier, "Not so smart after all: How to solve problems with no neurons and too many brains"

November 26th: Paul Davies, "Is the universe a fake?"