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The Beyond Center is dedicated to bringing the excitement and significance of cutting-edge science to the wider public. To that end we host three special annual public lectures, and occasional special lectures. All our public lectures are free, and are designed to accommodate non-scientists. Visit our list of past lectures to get the flavor of what we offer.

Beyond Annual Lecture 

The Beyond Annual Lecture is our premier public event of the year. We ask a scientist or philosopher of international standing to offer a reflective account of their work and interests, and invite them to speculate a little bit "beyond" their normal comfort zone.

Eugene Shoemaker Memorial Lecture 

Each year The Beyond Center presents a special award to a leading scientist to honor the life and work of Eugene Shoemaker who, together with his wife Carolyn Shoemaker, pioneered research in the field of asteroid and comet impacts.

Sci-Fi Meets Sci-Fact Lecture 

Science fiction has penetrated art, literature and popular culture. But how can we separate fact from fiction, when many bizarre Sci-Fi ideas later turn out to be correct? The annual Sci-Fi Meets Sci-Fact lecture is a fun evening of information and entertainment that addresses the burning question - Can it really be done? This lecture is suited for the young, and the young at heart.

Past Lectures

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