Melanie Brose Research Grant

The Beyond Center is honored to receive the Melanie Brose Research Grant, and we look forward to continuing conceptual research in her name. Read below to learn more about Melanie Brose and the meaning behind the award.

Melanie F. G. Brose was a scientist, writer, and great adventurer.  Exploring the world with the strength of her own body, with the many machines she commanded, and with the powers of her mind, she journeyed through mountains and deserts, ancient ruins, great cities, the sky, the waves, and under the tropical seas. She also dreamed of greater journeys through the darkness of space and the abstraction of time, believing these would ultimately dissolve as barriers and become inhabitable and explorable terrains.  The Archelon efforts, initiated with her support and in her name at the ASU Beyond Center, are dedicated to accelerating the arrival of the day when this is so.   

The Melanie Brose Archelon Time Science Lecture is a yearly awarded talk highlighting the state of the art in human understanding of the nature of time and means to advance human navigation within it, from a physical, perceptual, informational, or computational perspective; viewing time travel as a very long term, use-case limited, but not merely theoretical science and engineering challenge. 

The Melanie Brose Archelon Fellow is an endowed research position at ASU to enable, once every five years, an outstanding scientist to spend up to a year focused on conceptually related research at ASU.

In combination, these two lines of effort initiate and seek to sustain the long, still uncharted path to a comprehensive human understanding of time - not merely as a theoretical question, but as a means to explore, study, and potentially improve the universe.

If you are interested in donating to the Melanie Brose Archelon Fellow via the ASU Foundation, please visit .