The Sound of Silence – New Strategies for SETI

February 5, to February 7, 2008

SETI is the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Mostly this is conducted using radio telescopes to sweep the skies in the hope of detecting a signal from an alien civilization out there in the galaxy. SETI is a major research theme of the Beyond Center. With the 50th anniversary of SETI approaching, the Center held a workshop to critically re-examine the existing strategies and ask whether radically new approaches might be pursued alongside traditional SETI. The workshop produced a flurry of new ideas, many of which are described in the book "The Eerie Silence" by Paul Davies. Some of these included searching for beacons, searching above the atmosphere at higher microwave frequencies, genomic SETI and looking for artifacts in the solar system or beyond. There was also some discussion of the Fermi paradox and migration patterns of hypothetical alien super-civilizations. The meeting also provided an opportunity to convene the SETI Post-Detection Taskgroup.


Baxter, Stephen

Benford, Gregory

Benford, Jim

Blair, David

Davies, Paul

Gardner, Jim

Hanson, Robin

Lineweaver, Charley

McKay, Chris

Oliver, Carol

Page, Don

Procunier, Richard

Shostak, Seth

Shuch, H. Paul

Tarter, Jill

Vakoch, Doug

Gott, J. Richard

Schulze– Makuch, Dirk