2021 Beyond Annual Lecture with Paul Nurse


  March 24, 2021 | 1 p.m.



"What is Life?"

So, what is life? Following the lecture by Paul Nurse, we will solicit the thoughts of four leading ASU researchers on this most profound of scientific mysteries. Stay with us after the lecture to hear what they have to say…

Panelists include:

Joshua LaBaer, Executive Director and Professor, Biodesign Institute

Lee Hartwell, Center Director and Professor, Biodesign Pathfinder Center and Nobel Prize winner

Athena Aktipis, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology; Arizona Cancer Evolution Center

Sara Walker, Deputy Director, Beyond Center

The discussion will be moderated by Paul Davies, Director of the Beyond Center; Arizona Cancer Evolution Center

The 2021 Beyond Annual Lecture will be co-hosted by the Arizona Cancer Evolution Center.