2023 Beyond Annual Lecture: A Hip Hopper's Guide to the Universe with Stephon Alexander

The Beyond Annual Lecture is our premier public event of the year. We ask a scientist or philosopher of international standing to offer a reflective account of their work and interests, and invite them to speculate a little bit "beyond" their normal comfort zone. 

Stephon Alexander is  a theoretical physicist specializing in cosmology, particle physics and quantum gravity (String Theory and Loop Quantum Gravity).  He also explores interconnections between music, physics, mathematics and technology though recordings, performance, teaching and public lectures.

“In this presentation, I will take you on my journey on the hidden connections between Music and the Cosmos, through the lense of Hip Hop and Jazz.  My journey will begin with my adolescence days with Hip-Hop in Bronx and its role in making me a theoretical physicist.  On this journey we will encounter insights from my conversations with Ornette Coleman, Brian Eno, Leon Cooper and others about the hidden connections between music, rhythm and life in on Earth and perhaps the Universe."

This is an in person only lecture that is free and open to the public with a book signing afterwards.  Registration is encouraged but not required.