August 2023 Thinking Beyond - Oppenheimer: Beyond the Bomb

Thinking Beyond

  August 28, 2023


  Zoom webinar

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We are excited to announce our previous webinar series “Ask a Physicist” has been renamed “Thinking Beyond” in order to encompass a broader range of topics. Our format will remain the same with a talk given by an expert and the audience participating by asking questions during the webinar or in advance.

The “Thinking Beyond” webinar series will feature renowned physicists Paul Davies, Sara Walker and Maulik Parikh from the Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science at Arizona State University and will address a big question/topic in science. This month, Maulik Parikh will present the topic and Paul Davies will moderate the discussion.

August's Webinar: Oppenheimer: Beyond the Bomb

Before Oppenheimer led the Manhattan Project to build the atomic bomb, he was already known as an extraordinary theoretical physicist. Oppenheimer had discovered a key equation in quantum chemistry and he had also determined the death-states of massive stars. But most controversially, he correctly predicted that the process of gravitational collapse would create a region of spacetime whose gravity was so strong that it was unable to communicate to the outside universe… a region that we would now call a black hole.

Please submit any advance questions to or you can also submit them during the webinar!